This is the area where quiet operation, compact dimensions and high efficiency are most needed. Fischer Panda produces special types of generators for a wide range of activities in the military program.

  • Command and control unit
  • Communications
  • Tactical headquarters
  • Mobile generators installed on towing vehicles for various purposes

Fischer Panda military generators are EMC standardized according to MIL-STD 461E and are difficult to detect by infrared devices due to effective isolation. The generators are housed in super-quiet special sound enclosures which ensure that the Panda diesel APU operates with a very low noise level. For more detailed information about our range of military generators, send an inquiry to:

  • The perfect pure sine interval required for the most sophisticated electronics
  • The stator windings are water-cooled for maximum efficiency
  • Specially designed housing insulation
  • No hot, humid dirty air inside the case
  • Low noise level: 58 dbA at 7 meters(*)
  • Weight and size savings
  • They have no brushes or rotary diodes
  • Water-cooled system for engine and generator part
  • Lifetime rotor warranty, no replacement parts
  • EMC license according to the MIL-STD 461E standard
  • Shock & vibration approval according to MIL-STD 810
  • Metal soundproof capsule
  • Asynchronous Design
  • Protection against environmental influences
  • Reliability
  • Design flexibility

Air cooled DC generators
28V / 2 kW – 4.5 kW

Water cooled DC generators
28V / 4 kW – 10 kW

Water-cooled AC generators 50 / 60 Hz
4 kW – 55 kW

230V / 50Hz Single-phase
120 / 240V 60Hz Single phase

230V / 400V 50Hz Three-phase
120V / 208V 60Hz Three-phase
240V / 416V 60Hz Three-phase

Water-cooled AC generators 400 Hz
120V / 208V / 400 Hz
240V / 416V / 400 Hz
120V / 208V / 400 Hz

Combined Generator / Aircons (Combi)
6 / 10 / 12 V
10 kW electric + 22,000 BTU Aircon
28 V DC + Aircon

Fischer Panda CAPS – Combining air conditioning and a 25kW power generator system and ECU as a complete system

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